Bus Transportation

The transportation by bus in Sibiu dates from 1930, when three buses making Aamer were purchased.

Starting with 1957, the passenger transportation was equipped with small buses of a Romanian making – MTD, and subsequently of type TV 20 and UD 112. In 1972, once the transportation by tram inside the city was eliminated, buses making SKODA were purchased from Czechoslovakia. Also, articulated buses making IKARUS were purchased from Hungary.

By 1977 the bus fleet exceeded 150 units of various makings and types, but due to the restrictions in fuel consumption, a great part of the vehicles were placed in conservation.

Over the years, the structure of the bus fleet changed following the purchasing of buses type UDM, UDA 117, RD 111, RDTM 111, of Romanian making.

The solution of replacing diesel fuel with gas for the operation of buses was adopted in 1983-1984 and resulted in the necessity to install two tanks on each bus and the related installations used for filling up with gas.

During the same period a gas station equipped with compressors was built within the company premises, in addition to other points connected to the city network and placed at the main ends of lines.

Starting with 1992, the company purchased buses type IK 280, IK 250 - 260, initially used in Germany.

In 1998 the company bought from Switzerland VOLVO B58 and FBW used buses (10 units).

In the period between 2001 and 2002 the company purchased three MAGIRUS buses from Germany and four Fiat minibuses.

In order to renew the bus fleet, the City Hall of Sibiu equipped the local public transportation company with 40 MAZ buses between 2002 and 2004.

A massive equipping of the bus fleet is carried out in 2007 when 35 new buses were purchased by means of an EBRD loan.

In September 2010 the company bought two articulated MAN buses and threeVolvo buses.

In 2011 the company purchased six used articulated MAN NG 272 buses.

In 2012 and 2013, due to the continuous increase in the number of passengers transported, another 11 high-capacity used buses were purchased: 4 pcs. MAN NG 272, 4 pcs. MAN NG 312, 3 pcs. MERCEDES 0405GN and 3 buses of 12m: 1 pc. MAN NL 263, 2 pieces MAN NL 313.

Between 2012 and 2015, due to the continuous increase in the number of passengers transported, 21 buses of 18 meters and 9 buses of 12 meters were purchased in second-hand mode.

In 2018, 38 ISUZU buses of 12 meters and 17 MENARINI buses were purchased.