Persons who will be identified by traffic inspectors as fraudulent passengers have the possibility to pay 50 RON on the spot, representing the fee for an overcharge travel ticket (fine ticket).

In the case in which the passenger does not pay the fine-overcharge ticket, the passenger will be invited by S.C. TURSIB S.A. traffic inspectors to descend from the bus in order to be identified and in order to elaborate the fine documents.

The payment of the fine may be made within 15 days from the submitting of the fine documentation in one of the following locations:

  • The City Hall of Sibiu - no. 2, S. Brukenthal Street, room 19 or at no. 1-3, Victoriei Boulevard, room 20
  • at postal offices,towards the account of the City of Sibiu, opened at the Treasury in Sibiu, code IBAN RO65TREZ57621350201XXXXX CIF 4270740
  • in the City of Sibiu account, opened at the Treasury of Sibiu, IBAN code RO65TREZ57621350201XXXXX CIF 4270740

The copy of the receipt will be submitted within 15 days from the date of the conveying of the fine papers to SC Tursib SA, at no. 133 -135, telephone 0269/426100, fax 0269/220771.

In the case in which the offender does not pay the fine within 15 days from the date of the handing/receiving of the fine documents the company will start the enforcement procedure.

Upon request, the offender has the obligation to present to the inspector his ID or a document which will be used to fill in the fine documents. In case of refusal, the inspectors may seek the support of police officers or under-officers, gendarmes or public guardsmen in order to ID the offender.

The fine report will be signed on each page by the inspector and the offender. In the case in which the offender is not present, refuses or is not able to sign, the inspector will mention such situation which must be confirmed by at least one witness.

In the case in which the offender is a minor (14-18 years), the minimum and maximum of the fine which are stipulated in the legislation for that particular offence will be reduced to half.

In the case in which the second copy of the fine report elaborated for the offence was not submitted on the spot, the fine report and the payment note will be submitted to the offender via mail, by means of a letter with a delivery receipt, or it will be displayed at the domicile or headquarters of the offender.
In order to place a contestation against the fine report, you must address the court in the jurisdiction of which the offence occurred, in this case the Court in Sibiu, within 15 days of the submission of the fine report, in accordance with art.31 paragraph 1 of Government Order 2/2001.

In the case in which the offender did not pay the fine within 15 days from the handing in/submission, the enforcement procedure will be carried out through the Taxes and Charges Department of the City - The Office for Enforcement Procedures for Budgetary Receivables within the City Hall in the jurisdiction in which the offender is domiciling.

Here are the legal stipulations in effect establishing facts which are construed as offenses in the field of the local public transportation: art. 45 of Law 92/2007 and art. 40 of the Regulations for performing local public transportation services, approved through Local Council Decision no. 476/2008.